5 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Have a Digital Menu

There’s no shortage of competition in the restaurant industry so staying innovative is essential. Providing a digital menu as part of your customer experience enhances their enjoyment and provides them with something unique that they can share with their friends online and off to help grow your business. Here are five top reasons why restaurants should make the switch to a digital menu.

1. Positive Customer Reviews

A digital menu provides a uniquely memorable and compelling customer experience that diners will want to share online with sites like Tripadvisor, Yelp, UrbanSpoon and others.

2. Reduced Training Time and Expenses

An automated and mobile menu solution can save restaurants countless training hours and significantly reduces operational costs. Large organizations that leverage digital menus can reduce their expenses by over 80%.

3. Improved Customer Service

A recent MasterCard survey reports that 80% of all restaurant complaints are related to poor service. Education, training, and testing are the root causes of the majority of these complaints. With digital menus and pairing recommendations, staff won’t have to memorize every wine in stock or be trained as intensely to match those wines with the best dishes.

4. Increased Food and Beverage Sales

Being able to visually see the menu items and wine pairings on a digital menu makes it easier for customers to choose the right dish and subtly encourages them to explore different pairings. A digital menu can also be revised day-to-day with the menu items the restaurant wants to feature and sell.

5. Lower Printing Costs

Wine lists fluctuate when stock depletes or changes, which can lead to either frequent printings or out-of-date menus. Instead of reprinting the menus daily, or disappointing customers when they find out their favorite wine selection is not in stock, a great alternative is to switch to a digital menu that’s always accurate.

Uptown Network supplies high end restaurants with first-class customer experience through our Digital iPad Menus. If you would like to learn more about how to convert to a digital menu please contact us today. 

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