Uptown Network featured at Capital Grille in Wine Spectator Magazine

August's Wine Spectator talks about technology and wines in its latest issue, and Uptown Network is proud to have our mobile solution app and network member, Capital Grille, referenced in the article, including the following passages...

Technology continues to be an important tool in wine programs, especially for big chains. The Capital Grille, which has 55 winners in this year's guide, debuted its iPad wine list in 2014. Part of the iPad format includes a "90 point club" feature, which allows guests to see which bottles have earned 90 points or higher from critics.

"Our guests love to keep up with what the critics and magazines have to say about wines," explains George Miliotes, Master Sommelier and wine program manager for Capital Grille. "We felt our guests would be intersted in those wines that received the highest ratings from experts in the business." Customers can also filter their choices by grape variety or region.
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